Demand Unlimited Auto-Responders with Your Hosting Accounting

AutoResponders are nifty scripts that run in your web server 24/7 serving immediate email responses to questions, support and sales. Think about this, your customer comes to your website and spends a round 200$ to get your product. And after the payment they don't get back any response for the next 10 hours, would they like it? No, and this is more damaging if they have requested some additional pre-sales information and don't receive any notification in the next 1 hour. In this Internet world, your competitor is just a click away. Your customer goes back to the search results and clicks the next website that gives a similar product. Lost sales, and more money in your competitor's hands! This is twice the loss as the competitor is going to spend a percentage of the money in advertising the product or building a better product. Auto responders help reduce this possibility by carefully scripting the follow up messages based on the incoming queries your pre-sales information can be safely and securely delivered without delays. This translates into better sales.

There are many types of AutoResponders and there are many free ones offered by many companies. These are more an email farms than a good tool. In this age where spam is considered "Jail Serious", partnering with these email farms is really damaging. The capability of setting up AutoResponders for free using your control panel gives you complete control and in synchronization with the availability of your website. Unlimited autoresponders provide you with the capability to schedule many different emails for specific category of customers or prospects. Usually when people signup for more information you should be delivering them on time at expected proven intervals not at your convenience. The auto responders extend your capability to sell more as you can deliver targeted parts of your sales copy based on the interaction with the customer. You can schedule multiple follow ups convincing your customer about the benefits. Only around 2% of all prospects buy immediately the rest needs more convincing. This can easily be achieved by these bots with precooked text. There are many articles written about what works and what doesn't especially what is annoying and what is more helpful to turn prospects into customers. If your web hosting provider doesn't provide this capability demand for this feature or take your business elsewhere.

You can find a web hosting provider who offers right from the basic package till the gold Web Hosting with unlimited autoresponders in

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