Finding a reliable hosting provider

The website hosting business is very competitive these days with hundreds of thousands of reliable hosting companies out there but what company is best for your needs and that will provide you with a reliable hosting service from customer support to the reliability of there web servers.

The following is what is the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider:

1)Customer Service - Customer service is a very important aspect of any host if not the most important you will need to check there reliability by:

- Seeing if they have a 24 hour contact phone number

-FAQ section on there website to help you with the most common questions such as what are name servers?

-Ticket support to answer any non urgent questions that you might have

-Live support isn't essential but it is useful for quick help

2)Servers-The serer are the most important part of a web host since without them they can be a host.

-Here are some useful tips for finding a fast reliable server to host your site:

-The processor speed (CPU) e.g. Intel Pentium 2.8ghz (anything over 1.5ghz is sufficient)

-Memory (RAM) at least 512mb of ram

-Space this will all depend on your website needs if you are just starting at least 500mb is enough

-Bandwidth this will all depend on how many visitors your planning to visit your site in any given month. I would say that 5000mb will be more than sufficient for any small website.

-Operating system - Linux is the better and cheaper option for any website and is said to be better than windows in a web server environment. But if you are required to use any windows scripts such as .asp you will need to use the windows server

3)Customer Testimonials - See if other customers have voted for the web host on popular hosting directories or have made comments on the services that are offered by the host on there website.

These are the most important aspects that people look for in finding a web hosting provider these days and don't be afraid to pay a bit more than other companies as this usually reflects the service they offer but also don't be fooled.



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