Web Hosting Providers - Find A Newbie Friendly Web Site Host

If you're about to set up your first web site and are completely new to running a web site, a dependable web hosting plan with stellar customer service is an absolute must. You'll want to choose a web hosting provider that can be of assistance from the moment you choose one of their web hosting plans. You need a company that offers more than web space with their hosting plans. Here are a few extra perks you should look for that will make your life as a newbie webmaster far. far easier.

Web Site Building Tools with Flexibility

With the competition for web hosting business high, one of the hottest selling points that many use is their web site building tools. When you're looking for a web host, read the hosting plan description to see which building tools they offer. Your best choice is a web hosting service that offers you a variety of tools - from Easy build 1-2-3 site designers to an online html editor. The EZ-Builder is a what you need if you want to get your first site up and running quickly, but a builder that offers you flexibility and customization will help you move from 'Make it for me' to 'do it yourself' in the shortest amount of time.

Excellent Documentation and Help Files

When you've narrowed your choice down to one or two web hosting providers, point your browser to the Support section of their web sites and check out the documentation. Pick the one that offers help files on every single tool they offer, and step-by-step tutorials that show you how to do everything you might need to do. Look for a search utility and a FAQ page that will help you find the answers on what you need to know.

The better the help files provided by your web hosting provider, the easier it will be for you to create a great web site with little outside help or support.

24/7 customer support

Sometimes, no matter how good the help files, you can't find what you need. Sometimes there are things that your web hosting company has to set for you. 24/7 customer support is VITAL. Check the support options that the web hosting company offers - email, phone, live chat? Can you reach them 24 hours a day and get a real live person in case of an emergency? If you can't, especially on your first web site, pick another web hosting company.

Starting your first web site can be exciting and frustrating. Choose a web hosting company that gives you options, choices and support that will make it easier for you.

To view our top recommended companies for web hosting, visit: Recommended Web Hosting Companies Online.

Carrie Reeder is the owner of Ezerk, an informational website with articles and the latest news about various topics, including web hosting.

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