The Power of Domain Names in Marketing

Purchasing your own domain is inexpensive and very effective for any kind of marketing campaign online or offline.

You should be able to purchase a domain and redirect it from the same place at no additional cost. Their is no reason to host it - and the KEY in redirecting is to redirect the URL as "cloaked" or "stealth." In other words, when someone clicks on your domain, that is all you ever want them to see in the address bar of the browser... so they do not know you have redirected a domain to another site.

For example,

is redirected to...

Which do you think someone is more likely to remember or be more interested in clicking?

If you have a domain that attracts curiosity, you can post your domain name almost anywhere and you will attract people who are looking for what your domain describes.

Don't let anyone tell you all the good domains are taken. Be creative - add a word to the front or back of what you want and you will find something good for you. I recommend keeping your domain names to 3 words that flow well together. Think of words that are also good key words for what you are offering so that when people search for what you are offering they will find your site.

Tip: When you are brainstorming ideas for domain names, type them into a Word document and capitalize the first letter of each word to get an idea of the "visual effect" - and when you use your domains in advertising, also capitalize the first letter of each word like I have done above. It will much easier for people to read.

I have been buying domains from the same place for years...

How's that for an effective domain?

So, get out there and get your own domains! There are still plenty of domain names for everyone!

Copyright 2005 Linda Miller is a Spiritual Entrepreneur whose quest is to empower others to deliberately create true abundance and prosperity. This article may be distributed freely, provided that this resource box is included in its entirety.

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