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Search Engine Optimisation: The Soon to be Impossible Dream!

There are today search engine and internet marketing services, in fact a new industry has materialised to exploit the fear of low search rankings.This is not a new trend, back when simply resubmitting your website to the engines resulted in keeping your site at the top of the index, there was an accompanying boom in resubmitting "companies", as we know, these were just men in back bedrooms with a host of CGI and Perl submitting scripts and a timetable.

Is Something Missing From Your Keywords Research? (Part 1)

As you may already know, keywords are an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO). And the usual approach recommended to finding the right keywords to target with one's site involves the ideas of demand, supply and KEI (and/or CID).

Secrets on Website Promotion: How You Can Get a #1 Ranking for Your Website Name Within 30 Days

Launching a new website with enough acceleration to rise above this ever increasing daily din needs some force. It is common to see a website with a different name and various product or service offerings with equally unrelated names.

Recommended Tools When You Put On The SEO Cap For Your Web Site

The name of the game is search engine optimization and there are 20 winners and a million losers. It is a massive game that is conducted each and every minute by the top search engines.

How to Manage SEO

Whether you launch a search engine optimization program in-house or outsource the program, you should keep the following training opportunities and skill sets in mind:? Advanced SEO techniques, including page titles, META descriptions, META keyword sets, internal page cross-linking, search engine submissions, robots.txt files and domain name management;? Comprehends keyword weighting, proximity, density and related factors;? Search term ranking analysis;? Link popularity building research, management and strategy;? Online forum and industry newsletter monitoring;? National SEO conferences;? HTML and advanced programming languages;? Web site content writing;? Essential Web site usability practices;? Keyword research, including a firm understanding of language and the way people search;? Web analytics, including understanding common and complex metrics associated with visitors, unique visitors, page views, online sales, profitability and more;? Ability to see the big picture and not go so overboard with SEO practices that the web site gets banned from major search engines;? Appreciation for ethical standards (i.

Search Engine Algorithm Quandaries

Before you make drastic changes to your website after a rocky search engine update, take time to study your web server logs, changes in traffic to your site, and your ranking in the search engines.Making Changes Before AnalysisMaking rash decisions when you are hearing one thing then another from forum postings and articles is not the best choice to make.

Search Engines Are Doomed to Fail

A very provocative title, isn't it? Based on the latest news it is not far from the truth. Over the years the search engines were the target number one on the hunt for visitors and traffic to millions of web sites.

The SEO Gurus poem

Am I alone as I survey that vast wilderness outside,Sat at home every day fettered by my own foolish pride,I may believe I can conceive stunning cunning plans,Yet I perceive the web I weave is lacking vital strands,It may transpire my destiny is to conquer virtual space,But I must wire the best of me to another spidery face,For although knowing everything about business and site,To grow means throwing other experts in to get it right,So even this experienced spider who spins webs so fine,Needs for bliss a guider to show the whole world online,His creation, born bred and reared , now standing serene,Will evoke elation and be revered if it can only be seen,There's no point in Picasso no mike in Michelangelo,If the joints a no go and the sound man doesn't show,So that treasure you're concealing from total global view,Measures up and has meaning with others helping you,We all have inborn talent and also inborn failings,So often scorn a balance, chained to our own railings,And our world misses a website that deserved to be a star,But not unfurled in all its might, merely cowering from afar,Why not take your Van Dyke, or Rembrandt seen by few,And let us make it see the light, exposed to global view,Don't hide them in shadows behind barriers of your mind,Where pride and jealous arrows make them hard to find,Instead turn to experts just as good as you would like to be,Who you'll learn to trust, and who will set your website free.John Fowler trained as a Mathematican and has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years, much of the time in sales related functions.

Search Term Suggestion Tool offers a cool function to assist you on your quest to find unique keywords.

Dont Focus Too Much on Your Internet Business Website Ranking

No doubt, having a high search engine ranking is very important to a home business owner as it will increase their business revenue. Much money have been spend on search engine optimization software, books, ebook and SEO services in order to obtain a high ranking website.

Playing in Googlebots Sandbox with Slurp, Teoma, & MSNbot - Spiders Display Differing Personalities

There has been endless webmaster speculation and worry about the so-called "Google Sandbox" - the indexing time delay for new domain names - rumored to last for at least 45 days from the date of first "discovery" by Googlebot. This recognized listing delay came to be called the "Google Sandbox effect.

SEO - Google Sitemaps Explained

Once again I seem to be writing about Google. The reason Google keeps cropping up in these articles is that:Google is a innovative company always coming up with new ideas to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Google Rank Cake

6 cups thick content mix 1 jar word of mouth, whipped 2 tablespoons meta tags 1 cup creativity1) In a bowl, stir content mix with 1 cup creativity. Stir.

Increase Page Rank with Search Engine Optimization

Utilizing effective search engine optimization techniques will improve the page rank of your website.Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which webmasters or online business owners utilize strategic copy to increase their website's popularity.

Not Ranking High Enough on Search Engines? Here's Some Help!

Search engines are frugal things. (Froogle, too, haha! Sorry, lame joke) They take many, many things into consideration when ranking your pages.

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