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Free PHP Source Code -
Free PHP Source Code Collections and Examples of programming in PHP.

Planet Source Code
... vbscript,active server pages, ASP, vbscript,SQL, database, informix, oracle, SQL
Server,Perl, CGI,Delphi, PHP,source code, programs, tutorials and help., the best resource for PHP tutorials, templates ..., the resource for PHP tutorials, templates, PHP manuals, content
management systems, scripts, ... Welcome to the Source Code Snippet Library ...

PHP: Downloads
Complete Source Code. PHP 5.2.3 (tar.bz2) [7244Kb] - 01 June 2007 md5:
eb50b751c8e1ced05bd012d5a0e4dec3; PHP 5.2.3 (tar.gz) [9123Kb] - 01 June 2007 ...

Code Beach - Free and Open Source Code and Tutorials
Code Beach is your ultimate guide to free and open source code and tutorials for ...
Palm, Perl, PHP, Pocket PC, Python, Symbian, SQL, Visual Basic, and XML.

Beautify PHP source code
Tool reformats PHP source code to make the script more readable and easier to

Beautify PHP source code
This program tries to reformat and beautify PHP source code files automatically. The
program is Open Source and distributed under the terms of GNU GPL. ...

PHP Encoder - Protect your PHP code. PHP Encrypt protection using ...
SourceGuardian PHP Encoder to protect, encrypt and encode your PHP source code
assets. Includes encryption, protection, security and obfuscation.

Google API Example with PHP, SOAP, and Web Services
Feel free to re-use or distribute this source code. ... PHP include path using
ini_set to include this directory. // // For example: ...

Highlight Source Code in Your PHP Application [PHP & MySQL Reviews ...
If you display source code on your site's pages, you need code highlighting!
Stoyan shows how it's done using two techniques: the built-in PHP highlighter,

PHP Simple - PHP Tutorial, PHP Source Code, PHP Programming Script
PHP and MySQL tutorial. Learn how to create sites using PHP and MySQL in a simple
basic tutorial.

Treemap PHP Source Code - neurofuzzy, flash game development, rich ...
Treemap PHP Source Code. Filed under: PHP — geoff @ 11:29 pm. I have packaged a
simple version of my treemap algorithm, along with example usage, CSS, ...

Free PHP Scripts:Source Code Viewers
Description: Highlight PHP syntax and optionally add line numbers to PHP source code
or files, with several output options. Files to highlight are chosen in ...

Semantic Designs: Thicket<sup>™</sup> Obfuscator for PHP
Note: There are some competing PHP "protectors" that "encrypt" or
"encode" unaltered source code. Those products require your encrypted
source code to be ...

Semantic Designs: PHP Source Code Formatter
Tools to prettyprint PHP and make it more readable, or to obfuscate the source and
make it difficult to reverse-engineer. [Commercial]

Clock PHP Source Code
<?php /*** Clock -- beginning of server-side support code by Andrew Shearer, v2.1.2-PHP, 2003-08-07. ...

Dew-Code - Just Dew it!
Dew-Code is also the home of one such script, DEW-NEWPhpLinks is an open source free
PHP script. DEW-NEWPhpLinks allows you to run a very powerful link ...

PHP source code warehouse
PHP Source Code Warehouse ... A list of PHP files at this package level:. a very long
list of all PHP files in this repository ...

Asynchronous image file upload without AJAX
Author: Martin Konicek ฉ 2005, Download: php source code 1.2 (2007 mod by Erel
Segal) · php source code 1.1 (2006) Welcome to
The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and

picture.php source code
<?php // This is a general routine used by several different problems, so it //
begins by checking what values have been given // t - angle, r - radius, ...

solution.php source code
solution.php. <html> <head> <title>Math 150 Homework, Section
2.1</title> </head> <!-- HTML Numerical Code Entities &#176; is
the degree symbol &#189; ...

:: PHP Source Code Encoders/Protectors :: Articles
What are PHP Encoders? Why do I need to encode PHP sources before distribution? Find
answers to these questions here.

PHParadise | PHP source code to view, study and download
PHParadise PHP source code library - PHP scripts and functions brought to you by

php source code
... 05/99 --> <!-- Updated 08/02 to
reflect changes in php --> <!-- If you use this php please keep the comments

source code
<?php /* Written and contributed by Alex Stapleton, Andy Doctorow, Tarakan, Bill
Zeller, Vijay "Cyberax" Bhatter traB This code is released into the public

Flex:Open Source - Adobe Labs
The source code for the Flex SDK will be available under the Mozilla Public ...
Retrieved from "" ...

Thepeak Index.PHP Source Code Information Disclosure Vulnerability
info · discussion · exploit · solution · references.
Thepeak Index.PHP Source Code Information Disclosure Vulnerability ...

Yet another PHP blog
PHP source code analysis: PHPCompiler versus Yaxx. Before I choose yaxx and XML tools
for code source transformation, I looked very attentively the ...

Web Development Online: Beautify PHP source Code
Beautify PHP source Code. If your like me when coding php, you try to comment and
pretty your code up, but it never ends up that way. ...

LAME MP3 Encoder :: Software Downloads
LAME is only distribued in source code form. For binaries and GUI based programs ...
LAME source code is maintained with CVS, hosted on ...

iWeb Toolkit: PHP Code Obfuscator
iWeb Toolkit: PHP Code Obfuscator. PHP Source Code Obfuscator ... PHP Obfuscator
based on POBS multiple file PHP Encoder. ...

ป Converting PHP scripts to dlls - Jaslabs: High performance Software
“Roadsend Compiler is an open source, native compiler for the PHP language. It
compiles PHP source code to stand alone, native binaries which do not require ...

Welcome to Armorize Technologies
Armorize is now offering on-demand source code analysis for PHP applications. This
Beta version allows you to upload a ZIP file containing your code and ...

The Freespace 2 Source Code Project: News,50.0.html ... The Source Code
Project forum on Hard Light Productions is probably the best resource for all ... William Candillon's Blog: PHP source code ...
The main goal of phpCompiler is to translate PHP code directly into Linux assembly
code (and they are apparently very close to it). ...

PHP Source Code Viewer
Create a "Project" directory within the "source" directory and
upload any PHP source code to it. You can name your Project directory anything
you'd like. 4. ...

phpobfuscator - Google Code
This application is being developed with a very specific set of PHP source code in
mind for encoding and obfuscation, so your results with your own PHP ...

PHP Obfuscator - free for small projects
I must say that Obfusc PHP is the best php obfuscator. This is a great solution to
protect my php code. My obfuscated source code can't be readable, ...

PHP Feedback Form with Source Code
Tutorial for feedback, bug report, contact PHP forms includes all copy and paste

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