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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
The most complete Internet Relay Chat (IRC) help site, with nearly 800 helpful files
including FAQs, primers, technical guides, downloadable clients and ...

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Frequently Asked Questions
This basic document explains the history and purpose of the newsgroup alt.irc,
illustrating how to get starting using IRC and a few concepts and commands.

mIRC - An Internet Relay Chat program
Official Webpage of the popular shareware IRC Chat client mIRC.

What is IRC
Based on the chatting client, this is a good explanation on how to get started,
easily. Contains plenty of other related links. - Home of IRC
Offers technical and historical documents as well as IRC6 information.
That program has a bad habit of not working properly, so in order to fix this, the
first implemented thing of this BBS plan was IRC. The birthday of IRC was ...

IRC, Internet Relay Chat, Internet
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) enables people all over the world to talk together over the
Internet in real-time sessions in virtual rooms. ...

History of IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
IRC was born during summer 1988 when Jarkko "WiZ" Oikarinen wrote the first
IRC client and server at the University of Oulu, Finland (where he was working ...

internet relay chat
No Description

internet relay chat
Network Working Group J. Oikarinen Request for Comments: 1459 D. Reed May 1993
Internet Relay Chat Protocol Status of This Memo This memo defines an ...

Klient - Internet Relay Chat Client
Official home of Klient, an internet relay chat program for Windows.>

Linux Online - Internet Relay Chat
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a method of communicating with other people around the
world in a real-time fashion. There are dozens of IRC networks, ...

Internet Relay Chat Statistics -
Search for IRC channels and images, view detailed user statistics of hundreds of IRC
networks and get a lot of information about the world of IRC!

Statistics about IRC Networks -
Internet Relay Chat / IRC · · start page of this
website · IRC search, IRC chat rooms, IRC channels · IRC networks, IRC
statistics · IRC ...

Internet Relay Chat. ERIC Digest.
Provides full-text access to the ERIC Digest of this name.

StarChat IRC Network - Internet Relay Chat
Friendly, helpful and mid-sized, (1000+ users). Warez and porn free, and is dedicated
to assisting you with having an easier time chatting on the internet.

Internet Relay Chat
For short questions, you can get immediate help by visiting the #python channel on
the Internet Relay Chat server. ...

RFC 2813 (rfc2813) - Internet Relay Chat: Server Protocol
Network Working Group C. Kalt Request for Comments: 2813 April 2000 Updates: 1459
Category: Informational Internet Relay Chat: Server Protocol Status of ...

RFC 2810 (rfc2810) - Internet Relay Chat: Architecture
Network Working Group C. Kalt Request for Comments: 2810 April 2000 Updates: 1459
Category: Informational Internet Relay Chat: Architecture Status of this ...

RFC 2811: Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol
RFC RFC 2811: Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol. - Home The Australian Internet Relay Chat Network. announcements news and
information bulletins to keep you up to date. ...

GNRT: Group Communication: Collaboration Tools: Internet Relay Chat
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a real-time conversational system which allows two or
more users to communicate interactively via typed messages. ...

Electropolis: Communication and Community on Internet Relay Chat
University of Melbourne Department of History Honours Thesis by Elizabeth M. Reid,
1991. Unified Internet Relay Chat
Unified Internet Relay Chat Daemon is the network-independent continuation of
DALnet's Dreamforge server series and extensions, which have been adopted or ...

Internet Relay Chat information ( IRC )
Contains links, explanations, guides, and many good documentations. Using Internet Relay Chat: Books: Marianne Pyra Using Internet Relay Chat: Books: Marianne Pyra by Marianne Pyra.

I.I.G.S. - I.R.C.
I.I.G.S.™ I.R.C. Internet Relay Chat ... 1997-2003 IIGS™ IIGS is a trademark of the
International Internet Genealogical Society ...

I.I.G.S. - I.R.C.
I.I.G.S. I.R.C. Internet Relay Chat .... The chat is one week on Friday and the next
week on Saturday. Please also check the schedule at ...

Logging on to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - Java World
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was once the de facto standard for realtime communications
on the Internet. In a nutshell, there are IRC clients and IRC servers; ...

Index of /~nef/logs/forth
Below are years 2004 and 2005 public logs provided by clog (an IRC channel logging
"bot") for #forth on the Freenode (formerly known as Open Projects ...

Internet Relay Chat
The Gremlins chat room is a channel on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat). This room
exists to bring figure, anime and science fiction modelers from around the ...

Internet Relay Chat
Join the Gremlins in the Garage Internet Relay Chat! For more information, please
read the Internet Relay Chat Frequently Asked Questions page. ...

NickNacks: Online IRC Conferencing
Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Select a topic, IRC Software, Connect, Particpate,
Prepare, Protocols, Manage Class, Transcripts, Sample Projects ...

RFC 1459 (rfc1459)
12 Oikarinen & Reed [Page 1] RFC 1459 Internet Relay Chat Protocol May 1993 3.3.1
Client to Client ................................... 12 3.3.2 Clients to ... Browse project tree - Topic :: Communications ...
[Topic], Communications :: Chat :: Internet Relay Chat ... An Internet Relay Chat
(IRC) bot that can be extended using either C or TCL. ... Project details for Universal Internet Relay Chat ...
The Universal Internet Relay Chat Daemon is the ircu project maintained by the
original author and now supporting any IRC network. ...

EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet - Internet Relay Chat
IRC is a program that lets you hold live keyboard conversations with people around
the world. It's a lot like an international CB radio - it even uses ...

Dictionary of Computers - Internet Relay Chat
Internet Relay Chat. Service that allows users connected to the Internet to chat with
each other in real time and over many channels. ...

Google Directory - Computers > Software > Internet > Clients ...
A Web based IRC Client written in Perl with a simple but powerful interface. ...
Powerful text-based IRC client for UNIX with perl scripting support. ... -- Finding Help on IRC
Internet Relay Chat is pretty simple. Central servers relay messages between each
other and distribute them to users. A collection of servers tied together ...

The Blitzed IRC Network
Welcome to the Blitzed IRC (internet relay chat) Network. We are a network based on
reliable servers, friendly and experienced staff and a warm community ...

...::::[ FreeBSD Hackers Net ]::::...
Site contains FreeBSD help and things related to the FreeBSD Project, Programming
and UNIX. Also contains network staff list, t-shirts and information.

#Skeptic IRC
Weekly internet relay chat for skeptics.

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